Long-lasting favorite pieces.

The oversized stand-up collar shirt and the casual shirt dress, the wide palazzo trousers and the minimalistic cut maxi skirt, the balloon-shaped dress and the airy blouse. All styles can be combined and form the perfect all-year wardrobe. Paired with matching accessories, such as the bucket hat and the Japanese-inspired belt. Classics with a twist of crisp cotton poplin, made under sustainable conditions in Germany.


Photos @maxvoneicken  @casa57

Edition_04-2.jpg Edition_043_K.jpg Edition_0410.jpg Edition_045.jpg Edition_044.jpg Edition_04_7.jpg Edition_042.jpg
Edition_04_14.jpg Edition_049_K.jpg Edition_0411.jpg Edition_048_K.jpg Edition_04-4.jpg Edition_04.jpg Edition_0412-1.jpg Edition_046.jpg