On target. No diversions. Timeless, modern. That’s casa nata.
A lifestyle brand interpreted in purist feminine style.
A collection of favourites featuring top-quality materials and perfect workmanship.
Style that conveys relaxed elegance, logic and confidence.
Monochrome must-haves with subtle, surprising design details.
Strong separates that speak for themselves and combine to create a new look time and again.
Finest essentials that frame the wearer’s personality.
Avoiding seasonal restraints and trends. Unique and free.

casa nata fulfils a long-felt desire for Carolin Sangha. The former fashion editor has worked for a long time on brand and line building and as creative director for international companies and brands in the fashion and interior furnishing areas. Launched in 2016, casa nata can be regarded as a collection of her personal favourites. At first glance, her creations seem very simple – but many ingenious details and potential for the wearer can be detected on closer examination. The collection is notable for top-quality materials and workmanship and for a clear, in-depth sense of style. She grew up in India where she discovered her passion for clear shapes and colours early on. Extensive business travel and private globetrotting have enriched her creativity in a very special way and remain one of their main sources of inspiration.

casa nata – based in Munich, made in Germany, loved everywhere.