casa nata x IRMA – a successful collaboration.

The two creative heads Carolin Sangha, founder &  artistic director casa nata  and Jasmin Khezri, founder & creative director Irmasworld have developed together an exclusive collection that shows illustration in a new way.

Carolin: “All my pieces are like white canvases filled with life and colour by the one who is wearing it which leads to the collaboration between casa nata and Irmasworld.” Jasmin: “When I met Carolin I was taken by her design and colour approach and openness for creating new things instead of following trends that are already set. It was a challenge to create a design for her minimalistic collection that is still IRMA but adapts to her cool cuts and sophisticated look. A new line of illustration art was developed for the collaboration and although the pieces show an art work with a ribbon stitching there is still enough room for interpretation, especially when moving around in this capsule collection.” 

All styles are available in the shop


Photos  @irmasworld  @maxvoneicken

cn-IW_Boatline-Dress_slateblack_CC.jpg casanata-IRMA_Jasmin_001.jpg Artwork_02.jpg casanata-IRMA_Jasmin-002_sw.jpg IRMA_love-summer.jpg
cn-IW_Carre_002_slateblack_CC.jpg cn-IW_Carre_001_slateblack_CC.jpg cn-IW_Zen-Tunic_white_CC.jpg casanata-IRMA_Jasmin_003.jpg cn-IW_Carre_002_warmgrey_CC.jpg Artwork_CC.jpg